What is going on with Pokemon Home?

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The Pokemon Company have finally released more information about their Pokemon Home product, set to launch on Switch and mobile devices in February. With very little time left until the product actually drops – we’ve finally been told what to expect from the service. We also know exactly what features are in the free and paid plans, as well as the pricing!


Pokemon Home separates many of it’s features between free and premium users. You can find full details on the pricing here.

Pokemon Home Pricing Table

Moving Pokemon between games!

The obvious function for the Pokemon Home service. Notably it’s stated that Pokemon Go won’t be supported at Launch. Although presumably you can just send them via Pokemon Let’s Go. Which will be able to transfer between each version and to Pokemon Sword and Shield, but not back from the latest games. You’ll also be able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Bank into Pokemon Home, and thus onto your switch games.

Trading Pokemon from your phone!

The new application introduces four new ways to trade Pokemon via the app. Bringing back the GTS system that was missing from Pokemon Sword and Shield!


Working exactly the same as before, GTS lets you pick exactly what Pokemon you want to trade for! The Premium Plan for Pokemon Home will allow you to list multiple Pokemon for trade on GTS, instead of just the one Pokemon included in the free plan!

Wonder Box

The Wonder Box allows you to list a number of Pokemon (3 for free users, 10 for premium users) to be traded for a random Pokemon with other users. This is great for Pokemon looking to increase their chances of winning a Master-ball in the Pokemon Lottery!

Room Trade

This feature lets you create a room and trade Pokémon with the people who join. Each room can hold up to 20 people. However, you won’t know what Pokémon you’ll receive until the trade is complete. 

Trading in rooms has no cost, but creating rooms requires a Premium Plan.

Friend Trading

You can trade with your Pokemon Home friends, via the app. Do you really need to know more?

Judging Pokemon

This let’s you see how good your Pokemon’s stats are – like the feature unlocked in the Battle Tower. Your Pokemon will be added to the National Dex. You can add Pokemon with different forms (Gigantamax, Mega-evolutions) to the National Dex as well.

Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home will allow you to collect Mystery Gifts within the app, as well as provide you with codes to be redeemed in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and presumably, Let’s Go.

Pokemon Home Points

Completing actions, such as depositing, trading and transferring Pokemon, will grant your Pokemon Home points. These can be translated to the BP used in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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